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RBR-WORLD A.S.D. Association

RBR-WORLD A.S.D. Association

01 January 1970

The most awaited moment, after a year of hard work and dedication, is now come to a topic moment: since yesterday, RBR-World is a sport association, officially recognized by CONI (Italian National Olympic Committee) dedicated to the simulation of rallies.
What does it mean ?
When you race, you take part of a sport group, exclusively dedicated to simulate rallies, to achieve a 360° experience in rallying. While you are comfortably seated on your sofa or on your driver's seat, that does not actually move, you will projected in a rally racers community, more physically than virtually.
Another important fact is that RBR-World can legally accept any donations for the site or to charities that the RBR-World administration will send to the desired association.

In this first year, the dedication and the hard work of people that founded and animate this community has conducted to an explosion of the interest and enthusiasm from the users. The figures that actually are running around RBR-World are impressive, becoming, in about 8 months, a beacon in the Italian rally simulation. The community forum counts 2420 members, 1390 of them are enrolled as drivers, so ready to run, 854 have participated at least to one online race in Open Time or Live mode.

Those 1390 pilots has generated 12122 records in the Hotlap database and raced 854 on-line rallies in 8 months of activity. The driver who has raced more has 2967 kilometers, 63 rallies raced. In our "World" the driver who has more winnings is at 10 WINS, while the most class winner is at 22 wins. This is the strength of RBR-World and his people, who would like to thank also the pilot who retired more times: 38.

RBR-World A.S.D. Association would thank all the users, with their interest and support helped to create something unique, proven by numbers and not by words. Behind these figures, all the testers, audio and car physics experts, tracks makers and global programmers and designers of the site have been working together hardly compensated from the gratitude and affection of users which is a big fuel to make more and better.

Starting from now, when you sign-in into the association, the prestigious career mode opens for you, which, over time, will make you a genuine rally racer al well the great rally champions that races in all over the world stages.

Thanks to all of you.
RBR-WORLD A.S.D. Association and his crew.