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For Emilia.. Thanks from Novi...
For Emilia.. Thanks from Novi...
Total: € 891.70

Splitted in:

Race: € 320.00
Donations: € 571.70

In detail paid by:

RACE PayPal: € 305.00
RACE Bank transfer: € 15.00

DONATIONS PayPal: € 463.70
DONATIONS Bank transfer: € 108.00

€ 211.75 of this amount of money was already spent for some gas cylinder, given to a camp not ruled by civil protection.

We are in contact with various camp for knowing theyr needs: in fact for the first period they were all full, thanks to the donations of many company around italy and from private citizens.
Lately we was proposed to buy some school stuffs (like pens, pencils..) for the heartquaked schools.. as soon we'll get news you know!

Thanks again for your support with the donations!

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