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We received some private messages about the payment of the subscription: even if it was already explained in the dedicated topic
we decided to explain another time what are the facts.
Since our association is recognised from italian law we have to respect some rules: one of those is the length of the membership period.
It goes from september 1st to august 31th (in this case 2011 and 2012), and as you can see is slightly different from the fiscal year, which goes from january to december.
Every user who got the membership since 31 of august need to subscribe again: you can do the subscription until the end of october, so there is no need to do it exactly on the 31 of august. Thank to this we could check the payments etc.
Please don't wait until the last day of october since it would be a mess with the activation of the licence.
Important thing: the member who did a subscription to ha championship DESERVE THE RIGHT to finish it: once it ends, if you don't renew the membership, he will be automatically disabled.

Hope to have solved all the issues of this question.

Thanks to everyone and have fun!

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