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In order to give more weight and importance to the performances instead to the presences of every pilot in races, the calculation of Rk points will be changed and will be definitively in use starting from the next season. The new Rk calculation takes into account a certain amount of races started (in this case 25 ) and the amount of completed races.
As example: 20.25 (25/25)
The first figure is the license ranking which is based on a calculation of an average of the racing performances and the figures in brackets are the number of races needed to reach the valid 25.
While a driver improves his ranking, as usual, can access to different levels of racing.
In the near future we will define the ranking thresholds that "opens" the different levels.

At this moment, to have a deep mass testing of the formula and to let people take confidence with the new Rk, each driver will have both the old and the new ranking calculation.

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