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Colin McRae Memorial Rally
Colin McRae Memorial Rally
On September 17 from 21:30 we will remember the awesome drive of Colin McRae with a tribute rally LIVE.
You'll be able to compete with all the cars colin drove in his rally life: from the early Sierra Cosworth and the famous Impreza 1995 (which he won his only World Championship with), to the latest Skoda Fabia WRC, without forgetting all the types of Ford Focus and Citroen Xsara he used!

It's our way to remember one of the most spectacular and inspiring rally driver, who probably was the first to "infect" us with the rally-mania!

Thank you Colin.

Colin McRae (5 August 1968 – 15 September 2007)

"If in doubt, flat out" - Colin McRae

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