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Michael "Beef" Park tribute rally
Michael "Beef" Park tribute rally
On September 24 we will remember one of the best co-driver of the wrc-era: Michael "Beef" Park.
He was one of those person that, once you've met them, you woul'd never forget: perhaps known best for his keen sense of humour and his distinctive St George's Cross helmet, he passed away 7 years ago, on 18 September 2005, during the Wales Rally of Great Britain.

He did an awesome job with his driver, Markko Martin, winning 5 WRC events.
Before riding with Martin, Michael was a Gravel Pace-Note expert for Colin McRae and Richard Burns.

The Memorial Race will allow you to drive with some of the cars on which he competed:
205 n1, 106 a5, escort MKII, Corolla WRC, Impreza 2001, Focus 2002- 2003- 2004, 307 wrc.

Rest in Peace "Beef".. Your spirit will carry on forever!

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