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Shomaru Pass
Shomaru Pass
In a few days it will be Christmas: that period of the year where you eat like there is no tomorrow, you drink like hell and in general you have tons of fun with relatives and friends. Depending of which emisphere and latitude you live at, you could even be sideways on the snow somewhere with your car: in this case don't drink and drive!!!

Christmas is also about presents: We will release a new ORIGINAL FORMAT stage (both normal and reverse)!
It's Shomaru, a mighty tarmac road in Japan, know as one of the most difficult Togue road!
The original track was made by antudusun (the same modder who did Akagi) and then it was converted by Eno72, who as always did an amazing job!
Axel and Longo did the pacenote and Ventu created this video, just to show you how tricky is this stage!
Be prepared: it's tight, many corners are completely blind, the surface is bumpy and you won't have so much time to take a breathe between two corners!

Almost forgotten: watch out for the road work in progress on the side of the road...!!!!

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