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Thanksgiving time..
Thanksgiving time..
Like everything in life, even a working partnership can come to an end: yeah, because even if RBR-World is not giving us money for eat, we take it seriously like we take our daily job that gives us the sustainment for living.
Sometimes we work well, sometimes we make wrong decisions, but we use the experience for making the best.
Unfortunately in the last period we had 3 big loss in our organic: Carlo D'Orazio, Andrea Lucio Corbascio and Castellani Federico.
The lack of spare time, the job (the real one) that doesn't leave time for the passions or even a loss of interest: whatever the motivation is, we would like to take some time for thanking those 3 guys for the amazing job they did in the CREW work group.

Federico Castellani did everything in the only way he knows how to do it: at 100%, flat out, high detail. He pushed the limit of the quality in every job, from cars skins to shaders, passing by all the small things that made him famous in the RBR Modding world. We still have some of his job in the HD, so stay tuned because you'll be amazed.

Andrea Lucio Corbascio knocked down the doors of the 3d files of cars, allowing the fine tune of some of them, so we could use'em even if not perfect. He also worked on the rule book and on the Ranking calculation method.
We can everyone remember the huge excel files of simulations of rally and champs for making the calculation the best possible.

Carlo D'Orazio: Admin, moderator, PC and game supplier... he did thousand and more things for RBR-World, including the driver rig for the expo and many other.
A HUGE thanks to Carlo, who simply never gave up and was always present in every discussion and topic on the CREW forum: Rules, statute, Donations to charity, technical support, commercial advertisment. He always interacted with everyone for the good life of RBR-World, coordinating every section and work-group.

A greeting to those 3 fundamental components of the CREW group, who from the beginning of our adventure shared with us winning and loss.


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