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We are alive!!!
Here's the first of a series of updates that will bring some fresh air to RBR-World!
Let's start immediatly with the heavy weight, the cars that made the History of Rally, expecially in Italy and France:
Peugeot 205 GTi, Renault 5 GT Turbo and Fiat Uno Turbo.
Those little funny bombs will fight so hard one against each other!
But obviously RBR-World is paying attention to the present either, that's why you will find the latest evolutions of the 207 S2000 (with the rear fender cutted) and the CIR 2013 Winner, the Skoda Fabia.
You will be able to drive also the Opel Corsa s2000 and the Mg Zr S2000, two cars that weren't so developed and raced just a few rallyes in Germany and Uk but damn, they looks so good!
Just to end this list, you will be able to drive the latest DS3 RRC, the same that Robert Kubica is driving in the WRC2 Championship!

That's what is waiting for you: those new cars will be usable ONLY OFFLINE, but get ready to let your competitors eat your dust!

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