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When every Rally starts, relatives, friends, fans are there to cheer at you.
After that, the real stages starts: between so many challenges you will have to face, the skills, the bravery, the honesty and the intelligence can lead you to the results that make the ones who cheered at you before proud of you.
Unfortunately Life, as a Rally, is unpredictable.
You start cheered, as surely happened to Nicola Tognon on the 8 March 1985.
So many special stages, the growth of a person, that unfortunately, this time, finished his race TOO SOON.
Nicola, "tognik" on RBR-World, was a rally lover like everybody: His race finished on the 16 October 2013, maybe even before entering the stages that everybody deserve to make.
He lived for sure in the best way possibile a passion that too many times separes spectators to the real "actors", even if the passion, the REAL ONE, in the same.
We heard about this loss with a certain delate, and we apologize with his relatives, his friends and his team, the Rally Evolution Team: We want to make the most sincere condolences from all the RBR-World A.S.D. Crew and share their mourning.

For remembering Nicola, all the races of today 29 October 2013, will starts with a simbolic delay of 1 minute.

Godspeed Nicola.

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