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Interview to RBRW R3T Champion
Interview to RBRW R3T Champion
Caron Mariano, #41 Citroen DS3 R3T team RallyOne

Could you give us a quick analysis of the season on the RBR-World Championship?
" I feel sorry for the low participation in the R3T class, started 6 driver in the first rally and in the end who for one reason those who have left for other things ... after all I think I did a very good season in first 6 races I've won 3 and the remaining 3 are finished second and then it was easy to bring home the title! "

Could you give us a quick analysis of the season on the World RBR- World?
"I'm sorry for the lack of participation in class R3T, we started 6 but several have abandoned towards the end. I still believe I made a very good start league, won 3 races and in the others I have always placed well. Was easy bring home the title! "

You had to meet up with competitors particularly aggressive ?
"The most difficult opponent was the concentration , I had to ended a lot of races without opponents, it was not easy to keep up the concentration. Indeed, in two occasions I retired cause of stupid mistakes . I must also say that Monti was a difficult opponent, then inexplicably no run the last three races . "

What prompted you to run in this class ?
"With the DS3 R3T I immediately felt at ease and I wanted groped adventure but I was hoping for a class much more fierce and crowded ! "

What are your future plans?
" As a reward for winning the World Championship in the class R3T , for the last race I allowed myself the luxury of running with a Fiesta WRC and in the end I had fun and I had a good race . Now with my TM and the team will evaluate what to do for next year, surely there will be a jump in class. I use this opportunity to thank my team and TM for allowing me to make this beautiful world and thanks to all those who participated, good luck for the 2014 season ! "

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