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Interview to RBRW N4 Champion
Interview to RBRW N4 Champion
Minniti Paolo #63, Subaru Impreza N14, James Racing Team

Could you give us a quick analysis of the season on the RBR-World Championship? You had to meet up with competitors particularly aggressive ?
At start to 2013 season my ambitions were quite high, as already running RBRW for a while I've won several trophies and a European Championship class , but I lacked the excellence league.
I immediately changed my idea when seeing Matteo Venturini in the N4 class, I think he is one of the 10 best driver ever in our comunity, not forget Roberto Francioli which played whith me the championship until the last ps.
From the middle of the championship, after my absence in Sardinia rally, I have reported good performance with two consecutive victories in Australia and France, with a gain of 140 points that I have abledto overcome before Roberto, and at the last race to beat Matteo (with his technical problem ) .

What prompted you to run in this class ?
After last year's experience in S2000, where I got severe beatings, I opted for the N4 class that however I have always liked , I chose this car to be out of the group not using the Mitzu, like the other.

What are your future plans?
Before of deciding for the next season, I would like to be aware of the new rules, however, my desire it's to defend the title always in class N4, I hope that the new regulation made a crowded class that would make it even more exciting challenge for the title.

I will end by thanking my TM , Carlo D'Orazio in the first, and all of you who committed to amuse us.

Thanks, see you soon, I'm looking forward to 2014!

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