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Interview to World 2013 RBRW Champion
Interview to World 2013 RBRW Champion
Fava Enrico, #183 Ford Fiesta WRC12, team Phase5 Kobra Racing

Could you give us a quick analysis of the season on the RBR-World Championship?
As a brief analysis of this season, my main goal was never to do a 0 point in the race and I almost hit the target having said that, I tried to manage as much as possible to get the final victory given the many retreats of my opponents .

You had to meet up with competitors particularly aggressive ?
There were no big names but despite this it was not easy.

What prompted you to run in this class ?
Push to race in this class was all about the team and my brother, thank you both for believing in me .... after 2 years that I use this game, win the RBRW Championship I not still believe it!

What are your future plans?
I hope to run again next year to defend the "crown" of the Champion.

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