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Racing around the world
Racing around the world
The RBR-World Accademy is going to be won by Micheletto, who scored two top podium finishes in the first part of the season, forcing Makinen to stand back after the won of the finnish in sweden.
In finland nobody of the partecipant of the series saw the end of the race, to everything stayed the same in the classification.

Overall, it was a great week of racing on RBR-World:
In the RBRW Championship Hult is dominating with his fourth win in a row and 5 podium out of 5 races.
He has almost double of the point of Di Grazia in second position, who will need a great performance in the last 3 events for having the chance to win the series.

Bad luck for the swedish in Croatia IRW, where he had a problem during the transfer forcing him to retire, putting Guidotti (who came second in Finland RBRW) on the top of the podium, closing the gap to just 20 points from Tobias.

Hult is also dominating the ERW, with 4 win out of 5 races, including the Ypres of yesterday. We still wait for the final classification btw.

In the National series, Ceron is fighting back Makinen in the classification, thanks to the last two races where the finn scored 0 points.

Let's see if the next weeks of racing will change something, since the end of the championships are coming by!

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