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Montecarlo Leg one
Montecarlo Leg one
Four for a place. The Montecarlo couldn't start better, with 75 participants; Makinen (D-Max), Lindberg (Bad Boys), the the reigning world champion Hult and Tondina (both Evergreen) are contesting the first position, despite the 30 seconds and over posting of these last two, nothing has been decided, the second stage, where the classic carousel of Turini and its strange weather.

Weather forecasts are not very good, in fact the Turini, at this time, it's snowing heavily, as well as on other tests scheduled for the second leg. In addition to the first four, separated by over a minute the two Versilia, Guidotti-Di Grazia, while Eretta has accumulated a detachment of two minutes. In other classes, R5-S20 class, Bettini (Evergreen) makes the vacuum on Stefanizzi (D-Max), Celestini (Turbomark) and Barra (D-Max). In production, Friz (Tuscany) and Vianello (Evergreen) compete for the victory, later Zamolo (Bad Boys) and Vellini. In R3 class, Guerranti (Versilia) on everyone, then Galliano (Evergreen) and Guiducci (Versilia). In Academy, Salati before Murphy and Zampieri.

Tonight, twelve special stages in program, interspersed with three service parks.

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