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Montecarlo day two
Montecarlo day two
Makinen WINS, Lindberg and Hult remain on board the road to watch.

This is a summary of the rally of Montecarlo, ever so uncertain at the end of the first leg and ever so sure after three stage after the second day. The D-Max pilot, already at the first service Park on Tuesday, had already assured you have won, with Guidotti (Versilia) and Tondina (Evergreen) who were to race if the second position. Hult (Evergreen) and Lindberg (Bad Boys) bitter retreat, especially for the second pilot, the party charged, in order to put pressure on the Flying Finn. The final rankings but still reserve surprises with the Di Grazia (Versilia) for less than two seconds, blowing the third step of the podium at Tondina; the standings therefore is this: Makinen (D-Max), Guidotti and Di Grazia (Versilia).

In R5/S20 class, the standing sees Bettini (Evergreen) on Francioli (D-Max) and Celestini (Turbomark), detached from others, with Vettori (Versilia) and Barra (D-Max) late on the leading group. In production class, Versilia triplet with Friz, Vellini and Da Col. In R3 only Galliano manages to get to the bottom, taking valuable points for Evergreen, while the academy has Salati the winner.

Next race in Mexico, 9-11 November.

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