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Memorial Richard Burns
Memorial Richard Burns
Since 2006, the year of the first anniversary of Richard's death, RBR-Online held a Memorial Rally.
It was born as a race for professional drivers, held in the paddock of the Autodromo di Monza, during the Monza Rally Show.
Since then, every year RBR-Online and now RBR-World held it: We think is a really good way to remember a man who shared the same passion with us, RALLY!

Richard loved rallyes and with SCi Games and Warthog decided to create the best rally sim of that period: at that time Colin McRae Rally was the best rally sim so far.
As you all know, Richard reached its goal, and maybe he went even over the expectations: this is why we still play his awesome sim.
Richard putted his heart and soul in this game, without worrying about makin it too difficult or hard to play: He wanted it as realistic as possible, and he actually gave feedbacks and suggests to the developers for creating an actual representation of a rally car's physic.

We'd like to invite you to think about Richard during the 9th Richard Burns Memorial Rally Open.. You'll be able to drive some of the cars he drove in his rally carreer, from the little Peugeot 205 N1 to the latest 206 2003 WRC: The stages will be technical and spectacular, for making you having a great time with us and with Richard.

We'd like to thank Richard Burns Foundation

Thank you Richard, we miss you.

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