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ERC and IRW: Halfway to go!
ERC and IRW: Halfway to go!
In the IRW Championship, after the rally of Greece wich was the middle of the season, Hult Tobias is dominating with full points score.
Grigis and Vianello are following with less than half of his points, fighting each other with Guidotti and Celestini right behind them.

The next event will be on the German tarmac, and we will see if Tobias will keep his win streak.

In the ERW Hult is still winning, after the retire at the Acores rally: Tondina follows him and the even point situation of Guidotti an Maionchi promises a great fight in the next Ypres rally.
The only winner of a race this year, after Hult, was Lindberg, who won when Tobias retired: unfortunatly he scored zero points in all the other races!

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