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RBR-World Official T-Shirt!
RBR-World Official T-Shirt!
Here we are! After a looong time finally we introduce our official merchandise!
We wanted a good quality product but not so expansive: our idea is to be able to recognize an RBR-World driver or supporter at rally venues, fair event and so on, so we really wish that a lot of people will get this!

The shirt is printed in Italy, wich gives it a good quality: sizes are the classic of the shirts, and we have S to XXL!

The design was made by Ventu, inspired by the Hoonigan Instagram Tee of a couple of years ago: the concept is to take the best shots posted on our @rbrworldcom Instagram page and mix'em together!

How to have it? Send an email to and type in the subject case "T-SHIRT RBR-WORLD": write him your name, address, size and quantity.
Renato will write you back with our payment options and the shipping times.

The price? 20€, FREE SHIPPING for Italy! If the destination of the shipping is not in Italy, Renato will tell you how much would be the total price, but we will try to leave them as low as possible!

So what are you waiting for, go and get it!! :D We want to see you wearing our shirt the next time you will be in a Rally or racing eviroment!!!

note: the total income of the order, net of the shirt+print+shipping, will be donated to RBR-World, and we will use it to pay our servers. As usual, the excess after the payment of the servers, will be donated to charity via RBFoundation.

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