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And here we are for the second update of this year full of new releases for our mod. After a LONG wait and some excessive posticipation, we are glad to present you the Group B cars, queens of the '80s era of rally and of our motoristic dreams. The Crew have a created a pack of cars, included in the utility, formed by: Lancia Delta s4 Mg Metro 6R4 Peugeot 205 T16 Evo2 Ford RS200
Yeah, right, you will not find the Audi Quattro S1: we love that monster too, but the 3d model is so bad that it was not worth a realease. We tested it, and also the feeling on the steering wheel was weird, thanks to the bad modelling of the car. So that's why, for now, you will just have 4 cars.. but we really believe that you will have and hard time to manage them! We would like to tell you why it took so long to release this pack: As you well know, we want to give you the best quality content possible. We have to be satisfied by our work first of all. The crew and the testers worked full time to try to re-create the conditions that made this type of cars so unique. Right after the first test we found ourselves in some wild animals, giving a real challenge even to the more experienced drivers. We thought “Ok, we are ready!”: the cars were perfect, we hade the liveries, but then a problem came up. On longer stages, with a lot of fast sections and hard brakings, the cars started to overheat and then stop. They stopped for like 40s, then the temperature dropped and it would start again: at first we found this problem on the Lancia, then on all the other cars. The issue needs to be explained, because we want to point out that we do our best and beyond to make things go right but we can't do anything againts the limits of Richard Burns Rally: it's a game of a certain age, and we are giving him some years more of life since there is no real replacement actually. This problem is know as “Gasket fail”: it actually is designed in the original game to simulate the overheat or braking of the gasket of the head of the engine. The original cars and the ones that we have in the utility are not powerful enough to give this problem: some times it can happen with WRC's if you drive them as a maniac, but with the “gasket fix” we solved the problem long time ago. The fix is not working with the Group B: the power is huge and you need to drive a lot using the left foot braking tecnique and this overheats easily the cars! We tryed to reduce the power, and the problem was gone: but we lost the amazing feeling of driving an overpowered car on a tiny mountain road! So we decided to keep them as they are: be ready to change your driving style! You won't be able to drive like a maniac on a long stage! You will need to be a gentleman with these old ladies: it's a huge amount of power in a small engine, surrounded by Kevlar and alluminium!!! The queens will make you have a lot of fun and gives a lot of satisfaction, but treat them well! You will notice that the turbo gauge will be empty: another wall of the original game, is that if you create a 350+ hp car with a turbo engine, it will just float in the air once entered the stage. So, you will not find the turbo gauge, but the power and torque curves are made to simulate the erogation of a turbo (and turbo/supercharged) engine: and obviously you will have A LOT more than 350hp! You will find the cars as you remember them from videos: wild beasts, super fast acceleration and beautifully hard to manage.. we warned you!!!
At the end of countdown, Head to the DOWNLOAD CARS page in the utility and have fun! We hope you will like our new releases!
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