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New season is coming!!!
New season is coming!!!
August is almost over, and this means that the most of you have been on holiday: rechargin the batteries is really important to keep the rythm of your life as you want!

As usual, summer time is an off-period also for us: this does not means that we stop thinking about RBR-World!!
In fact we have worked hard on many new things, starting from new releases to improvement in our system.

We decided to give you some little hints on what to expect in the next season on RBR-World: starting from today, we will reveal some parts of the upcoming year of mud, sliding, jumping, flicking and we hope not crashing!

You have to learn from your mistakes: that's why the next year on RBR-World will not be splitted in two seasons! We want to see just ONE world champion, and that's why the championships will be longer and will cover the whole duration of the subscription.
Speaking of "old is gold", we will organize 5 championships: splitted in Live and Open as usual, with some fresh touches on all of them!

keep up with us for more updates, many news are coming!!!

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