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It's been a long time since this stage was released, before on rFactor and then on Richard Burns Rally! But now you are able to drive the mythical Peyregrosse, the famous stage of the Criterium Des Cevennes, one of the biggest and most famous rally of the French Tarmac Championship!
A long mountain road, with both uphills and downhills, many tight sections and some really hard corners where you will need to trust a lot your codriver!!

This 12km stage, with Sorica and Semetin, is probably one of the toughest you will face during you races!
The huge amount of pixels, details and objects has just one big problem: the stage is HUGE in terms of bytes. It will take a long time to load! So let your pc take his time to load the stage!
Unfortunalety, in Wet conditions, Peyregrosse takes over 7 minutes to load on a good PC: this means that you will not find this stage in those conditions in a competition, because you woul hardly be on time to start the next stage!
We tryed to fix this issue but there was nothing to do: since this is stage is so awesome to drive, we are releasing it as it is, and we decided to use it in the online races JUST IN DRY CONDITIONS.

Have fun on Peyregrosse, and watch out for the blind corners!!!

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