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Rallye de Montecarlo - Just less than six hours...
Rallye de Montecarlo - Just less than six hours...
Valence (France) Monday, January 23 - h 13:00 Just less than six hours... from the Parc fermee of Valence is starting the Montecarlo 2012 and the RBR-World world championship; in the crewed assistance area all the official cars are arrived except the two S20 of Turbocar team that should not start the race, however fielding Rollandoz with a Ford Fiesta RS WRC11.
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The last concerns are the names of the first drivers for Korus and Maury teams, who have not yet submitted the name of the driver for the official cars: will be Alberto Maghetti for Korus and Tommi Makinen for Maury to take the start of this Montecarlo? At this moment it's not known, but the teams are ready to give battle, with Thomas Zorzi that returns to the world circus after few years of stop, driving a DS3 instead of the usual Ford Focus, while the Maury team shows a couple of formidable Flyin'Finns Kimmo Repo and Makinen.
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Awaiting the official entry list, these are "official" couples who will battle it out this evening:
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-Claudio Gasperini and Andrea Guidotti for Versilia RGT with Ford Fiesta
-Igor Baldi and Luciano Bordin for FGA Corse with Ford Fiesta
-Simone Zamolo and Enrico Fava for Kobra Racing with Volkswagen Polo
-Simone Ferrari and Roberto Brisa for RallyOne with Citroen DS3
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Then other seven drivers, will line up at the start of the rally of Monte Carlo with a WRC11: Briano, Selva and Duini in seek for glory with Mini, while Re and Lennartsson with DS3; Rollandoz and Lindberg rely on Fiesta . A crowded group in S2000, with the partecipation of Troto with the Mini RRC, Del Prete and Di Grazia with the 207 and Mariano Caron with the Skoda Fabia.From the other classes will take the start about 15 in S16, 12 in N4.
a good luck to all the drivers in seek of glory on the slippery asphalt of Drome.

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