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A new stage, only on!
A new stage, only on!
This evening cancel all your plans: we will release a new stage, only on, and you don't want to waste time f-ing around when you could be at home driving on almost 10km of italian tarmac!!

Casgra11 did an amazing job creating this masterpiece of simulation!
The stage was shown as preview at an event in Biella, Italy, and some users were able to drive and just loved it.
For now the stage will be an exclusive of RBR-World, then it will be released also outside!

The stage is really fast and wide: you will find many rythm changes, which will make the driving even more technical.. 9.8km of breathless driving!!!

The most unbealivable thing of this stage is the WET version: just try it, but keep an eye for all the puddles on the tarmac!!

A huge thanks to Graziano for the amazing job and the love he has for our project!
We want to thanks also Andrea Bettini for the preliminar testing and pacenotes editing, and all the testers of RBR-World.

Enjoy Torre Vecchia guys!

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