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Hult wins Montecarlo Rally
Hult wins Montecarlo Rally
Monaco- Hult wins, but doesn’t convince at all. We were all used to see him as a machine, winning 25 stages on 24. Instead, in this first race in Monaco, he won only 3 stages leaving the “glory” to the others and he simply control the race. It could be a hint of maturity, going slower to not risk more, and maybe he could take the liberty to do that after the 4 consecutive world championships as he said after the race, but could also be a symptom of contentment and search for new ideas that can bring out his big ability to kill the opponents from the very first moments of the rally. Anyway we don’t have to forget that the second one at the finish, Magliano (The Clam), was at 2 minutes and 53 seconds! After this big surprise there’s another good news from Crudo (Brainless), who fight with Bombara that had unfortunately an accident in the SS16 (Joux Plane II): this was quite inevitable for Bombara because of his tyre choice, in fact he expected wet roads but it was snowing! In fourth position Costanzo (Star Racing) author of an amazing comeback: at the end of fist leg it was in 12th position. He was even helped by Orler, who had an engine failure due to a little crash on the last stages. Fifth place for Pasquali (Garfagnana) then Alessandro (Star Racing) and Zallo (Elba). 8th place and first of R5 class Cisco (Nert) who had an intese fight for the class and the general classification with Farcoz (Valle d’Aosta), while at the end of the "top ten” Friz with a Peugeot 208 R2.

Particular mention for Vaggelis (8 stages win) and Wieser (4 stages win). In the second leg, thanks to the superally some good things from Guglielmetti, while still some problems for the Austrian Peter (Nst). For the teams, the things change a little, remains the performance, but The Clam comes resized in the second leg than the booty that could grab with the provision of Bombara, such as Cibierre pays the heavy output of Orler. Well, for Brainless, saved from Crudo, remains a shame not to see, as in the first leg, Allegrini and his N4. The regrets of ElbaCorse and Zallo, the Monegasque good performance remains bitter for failing to send its participation for the championship, so it will not take points for RBRW; Flatout disappoints, performance in each single stages can not please a team with enormous potential, as was disappointing the performance of Rallyone, which failed to bring even a rider in the top ten. Those who manage to place two drivers in the top ten is Star Racing, with Costanzo. Good rally for Garfagnana, Nert and Valle d'Aosta, although the last two did not have a WRC11. Nst must grow, it has the potential.

In the other classes, in R5 + S20, Cisco wins on Farcoz, as described above, both with the Fiesta R5, then Comelli, on a more modest Peugeot 207 Evo in front of Lucchesi and Azzolini, only ten cars to the finish line in a class that numbered 46, a real massacre, but that shows how much you have to be good at driving these cars. Only five riders at the finish line for the class R4 + N4, with Gerlo that uses the retirement of Allegrini, which ruins his race against a wall, in second place Selva, then Toscano, Mallis and Carletti. In R3, the victory of Mariano Caron of Fabio Caron with Ghilardi that complete the podium and the arrived. In R2, victory for Friz, on Valentini and Reddavid, then Tirsi and Trusso Zirna. 42 drivers at the finish line in total, the next event will be in less than two weeks in Sweden, for a rally on snow.

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