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In Sweden doesen't pass the foreign
In Sweden doesen't pass the foreign
We left at Monaco with Hult leading in front of all the others, all in all after the race in Sweden he is still leading the group in his home event, where he never failed. Night prologue in Karlstad, then Autiovaara, Blanare e Sikakama to repeat for two times with the only variant of Shepards Shield and not the city stage.

First leg not so easy and four names in front of all: Hult, Makinen, Wieser and Vaggelis; they made an “historical” battle, confirming a new born for the new World Championship’s format. During the SS4 Makinen, who was returning after few months of stop and with a new team, lost about 5 minutes for an engine fails, only partially correct during the service park, this excluded him to fight for victory, but, as we will see then, not for the podium. They remain in three to fight for victory, but in SS5 Vaggelis remains stuck in the classic snow banks, losing one minute and being overtake in general classification even by Mabellini, perfect with his R5. The first place is for Hult and Wieser that fight during all the second sector. After eight stages this is the situation: Hult, then Wieser (11 sec.), Vaggelis who earn 19 sec. in 3 stages to Mabellini that has to defend the fourth position from Paperini (5 place). Then Alessandro Daniele, D’Incà, Crugnola, Dalianis and Celestini, all closed in 10 seconds. The last two stages of the day are Chirdonhead and Pirka Menoko, apparently there shouldn’t be problems for the firsts, but there is a big surprise: Wieser lost a wheel while cutting a turn, ending into the trees and his car was seriously dameged. The crew was OK, but it won’t start the leg 2, so he give the victory to Hult. After SS10 (leg 1 end) the classification is: Hult, Vaggelis (who had some really good stage times). Third Mabellini, who resist to Alessandro that overtakes Paperini (some wheels problem) for the podium fight. To be honest there are six pilots that can reach the podium: in fact there are Celestini, D’Incà and Crugnola, all in 11 seconds. At ninth place Dalianis and tenth Costanzo.

In the others class, Mabellini Paperini and Crugnola leads in R5+S20, over the minute Ghost, then Loss, Rosset and Ferraro. In R4+N4, Caron in front of Milicia, the others far from them, starting from Del Magno, Toscano, Minniti, Carletti and Bravi. R3 class with few drivers, with the other Caron leading on Marocco and Castellini. R2 Carrara, then Piardi, Tirsi, Rossetti, Biosa and Galliano. Bad first leg for Magliano, after some good things at Montecarlo… For him some engine problems and 24th place. Even worse for Crudo, retired in SS4, but never in shape during the firsts stages due to electrical fails on the Fiesta, he left at the first service park. Retired even Pasquali at the second service area; accident for Bettini and Orler.

Leg 2 harder and more selective with Noiker, Falstone and Kaihuavaara to repeat two times. Then at the north of Karlstad Mustaselka, Shepherds Shield and come back to Karlstad for the city stage. Last three stages the same of leg 1 (Chirdonhead and Pirka Menoko) and again Karlstad for the Power Stage. At the first service park not big news, only Mabellini that lost some position. From behind is making a big comeback Makinen, who’s winning a lot of stages (14 stage win at the end). The race restart with big surpries: on SS15 Alessandro had to stop for some problems to the engine, bye bye to third place… In the following stage, Vaggelis had a big crash: crew OK but the DS3 is totally broken. So for the podium: Crugnola and Celestini, followed by D’Incà and Paperini. Third sector starts and again big news: the thrid place seems damned for the ones who occupied it… Celestini makes a similar mistake to Vaggelis and gives his place to D’Incà, but with an incredible Makinen at 25sec from the podium. In the last sector is the Finland drivers who earn the second place for and amazing comeback behind Hult. Third place for Crugnola with a R5 car, then D'Incà, Tosi, Costanzo, Dalianis, Loss, Rosset e Zallo to close the top ten. In R5+S20 for Crugnola on Loss and Rosset; in R4+N4 Caron Fabio wins on Del Magno and Minniti, while in R3 Mariano Caroni is the only one at the finish. R2 to Piardi, then Tirsi and Valentini, next race in Mexico (1st December).

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