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Guglielmetti takes the victory
Guglielmetti takes the victory
Everyone is waiting for Hult (Ds3 WRC), but this time the swedish fails, out of the games in the first day of race yet, he is forced to retire for accident even in Leg2. So in Argentina is Thomas Guglielmetti (i20 WRC) who takes the scepter, already Italian champion last season, with authority in front of all in Leg1 and even in Leg2. Behind him another Swedish: Benny Ghost (Ds3 WRC), third after the first day. Third at the end Franco Zallo (i20 WRC) who completes this podium rich of “surprises”, unexpected at the start. Race that was started with Hult at the front, heeled by two Finnish: Turunen (i20 206 WRC) and Valkonen (Polo WRC) and by Rollandoz (Fiesta WRC), Crudo (Fiesta WRC) and Sommavilla (Fiesta WRC); all of these unfortunately were forced to retire who one time and who another. At the fourth place Enea Pasquali (Polo WRC). Then Walter Venuti (Ds3 RRC) who wins even the R5+S20 class just in front of Andrea Fasulo (Fabia R5) an Diego Reboldi (Fiesta RRC), respectively at 6th and 8th place in general classification. A lot of drivers were forced to abandon the race in this class: those drivers who were dominating making times that they could also cause difficulties to the WRCs; in fact various Paperini, Mabellini, Loss, Farcoz and Tsaknis had to raise the white flag before the finish line, leaving top positions to pilots previously mentioned. In 7th place we found Diego Pinton (Polo WRC), whle in ninth there is Mauro Comelli (207 S2000). Closes the topten with a really good performance Fabrizio Selva (Lancer Evo X R4) who win the R4+N4 class not so much in front of Fabio Gerlo (Lancer Evo X R4), a lot more behind Paolo Minniti (Lancer Evo IX R4). The R3 class had seen only one driver at the end, Alex Beggi (Ds3 R3T), after the retires of the other two competitors in the sudamerican race: Ghilardi and Tessari. Extremely more fought the R2 class that lose its main actor Michele Friz (208 R2) in the firsts stages of Leg2. So the victory was for the expert Marco Piardi (208 R2) with a really big advantage on Valentini (Twingo R2) and Ossibi (208 R2) for the class’ podium, unlucky Reddavid who lost the podium for a mistake in the last stage of rally. Next rally we go back to Europe in Portugal, still on gravel surface.

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