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Hult takes it all
Hult takes it all
Tobias Hult (Ds3 WRC) win by over 7 minutes the Sardegna Rally Italia, winning all the stages a part for the fourth one in Leg1 that went to Tommi Makinen (i20 WRC) who crashed out later on. Second place for Jean-philippe Rollandoz (Fiesta WRC) who is making some really good races in this period. Completes the podium Thomas Guglielmetti (i20 WRC), dropped behind by Rollandoz for only 10 seconds. Then Franco Zallo (i20 WRC) and Tiziano Landi (Escort Cosworth N4) with an incredible performance again and obviously wins the R4+N4 class! After Landi, Patrick Rosset (Fiesta R5) that wins his category: second Andrea Fasulo (Fabia R5) and third Francesco Mazzoni (Fabia R5). Gallina Nerio (Mini RRC) and Sommavilla (Lancer Evo X N4) close the top ten. Didn't take part in Leg2 Wieser and De Guio for electrical problems: they were second and third after the end of the first day, while Crudo had an accident in Leg2 when he was fighting for the podium with Zallo and Guglielmetti. Third place in R4+N4, after Landi and Sommavilla, for Francesco Di Salvo (Lancer Evo X N4). In R3 class only one driver at the end: Caron Mariano (Ds3 R3T), while after the Leg1 the podium was Migliorati, then Angiocchi and Ghilardi. In R2 a great result for the english man Aidan Murphy (Adam R2) at his first season win. Second place for Marco Piardi (208 R2) who had to give up in Leg2 to Murphy rhythm; third at the finish Salvatore Reddavid (Adam R2). Not a good race for Valentini and Friz that crashed both in Leg2. Next race on the polish gravel.

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