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RBRW Round 7 - LOTOS Poland Rally
RBRW Round 7 - LOTOS Poland Rally

After winning in Argentina, Thomas Guglielmetti (i20 WRC) wins even in Poland, taking advantage of the absence of Tobias Hult. He was second after the Leg1, behind Benny Ghost who had to retire for an accident in Leg2. Jean-philippe Rollandoz (Fiesta WRC) takes the second place, not too far from Guglielmetti at the end of the race. Then Zallo Cristian (i20 WRC) with an amazing performance. Fourth position goes to Enrico Filipozzi (Polo WRC), that precedes only for 3 seconds Patrick Rosset (Fiesta R5): winner of class R5+S20. Behind him Pesce Francesco (Fabia R5) and Walter Venuti (Ds3 R5). 8th place to Fabrizio Selva (Lancer Evo X R4) who is the winner for the R4+N4 category. Then Comelli Mauro (207 S2000) and Minniti Paolo (Lancer Evo IX R4): he completes the top ten and takes the second position in R4+N4. The third place is for Francesco Di Salvo (Lancer Evo X N4). Really unlucky rally for Lindberg, Crugnola, De Guio, Tolfo, Tsankis and many other that were making a good race but had to retire from the competition. In R3 first victory for Moreno Ghilardi (Clio R3T), then Caron Mariano (Ds3 R3T) and Alberto Marrocco (Clio R3C). In the end the R2 class: Michele Friz (208 R2) wins it even if he had to use the superally formula in Leg1, in front of Valentini (Twingo R2) and Raffaeta (Adam R2). Next rally in Finland, for one of the most famous and important rally of the season.

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