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Sweden Shakedown
Sweden Shakedown
In Sweden is approaching the start of RBRW event, in the shakedown still in progress, is Baldi the author of the best time, ahead Ferrari and Guidotti; after the third position is Repo, Zorzi and Luciano Bordin, then Briano whit the private Mini WRC11. In the other class, is Del Prete, Stefanizzi and Mariano Caron to command the S2000 class.
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In N4 class, is Gentili have done a best time below Micheletto and Pessiva. La Martina command between in two whell drive, ahead Monti and Vellini; in Academy group, is Ricci, then Rao and Micheli. Is 93 the pilot at the start on Sweden rally, with the doubt with the official Fiesta S2000 by Turbocar Team . For now is the first pilot Sommavilla, but expects the arrival of Rollandoz or Eretta.

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