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RBR-World Cup 2016/2017 - Final review
RBR-World Cup 2016/2017 - Final review
Andrea Guidotti (Versilia Racing Game Team) takes the RBR-World Cup thanks to his 128 points scored during the championship with four victory (Valtiberina, Grifo, Canavese and Balcone delle Marche) and one second place (Palladio). Behind him other drivers of the Versilia Team: Andrea Di Grazia (74 pt.) is second after reaching for three times the second place. Then Michele Friz (70 pt.) with two victories (Palladio and Liburna) and the last of the fourth guys of Versilia Luca Celestini (58 pt.) who won one rally (Valtiberina with the same time of Guidotti) and a third place (Prealpi). Fifth overall Daniele Tabarelli (58 pt. as Celestini, but the Versilia's pilot as a better result); then Erik Crudo (55 pt.) who won one race (Val d'Aveto) in front of his Brainless teamate Thomas Paperini, the winner of Prealpi. So Rosset, Massa and T. Landi close the top10 with 38 pt. but in this order due to the better results of Rosset and Massa over Landi. In RC2 class one dominator: Matteo Allegrini (108 pt.) wins on Giusepppe Milicia (65 pt.) and Antonio Toscano (64 pt.). Great championship for Alessandro Fabrizio (114 pt.) that thanks to his constancy wins the RC3, the Parodi (96 pt.) and Kotsekidis (89 pt.) RC4: Tiziano Landi is the winner at the end with 144 points, second is Manuel D'Incà (106 pt.) who didn't start in the last two rallyes and lost the category's title and even was near to lose the position from Aldo Massa (105 pt.). Paolo Minniti takes the RC5 with a total of 121 points, he's followed by Alex Russo (97 pt.) and Andrea Crugnola (75 pt.). The last classe is the RC6 that saw Francesco Mazzoni at the top with 125 pt. a lot more than Valentini (72 pt.) and Negro (40 pt.). In the team classification great battle between Versilia and Brainless with the first one that one at the last race for only one point (859 pt. vs 858 pt.)!!! Third place goes to the Star Racing with a total of 452 points; than Tuscany and Garfagnana and all the others.

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