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Lindberg wins Sweden Rally.
Lindberg wins Sweden Rally.
Tommie Lindberg wins Sweden Rally, with 0,6 seconds advantage on Kimmo Repo ad 21 "fake" second on Claudio Gasperini, author by the nice race, screwed on the last stage. The swedish driver on FGA-Corse, exceed on the last stage the Maury Racing Team finnish driver, winnign the home event; similar situation in S20 class, with Rosset that precedes Del Prete on 0,5 seconds and Di Grazia with 31 seconds.
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In N4 class, Gentili, confirming the nice shakedown, wins the class, ahead Francioli and Pessiva, the last pilot he did score a good times throughout the swedish event. In S16 class, in Cantarella ahead Vellini for only 2 seconds, then La Martina detached almost 1 minutes. In the Academy is Ricci to win the class, ahead Sihvola and Canobbio.
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The next event in in Mexico, between less than two weeks without Academy class.

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