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Q&A: Briano and Cibierre Team
Q&A: Briano and Cibierre Team
By Enrico Sparacia

The full interview is available in italian language, below, shows a short description of what was said.

Today the interview is dedicated at Cibierre Team, Paul Briano, we will describe the team and his expectations.

What is the name and the story of the team?

The Cibierre Team is a group of guys who are trying to have fun and run together.

What are the name of the driver in to Cibierre team?

Aricò Giorgio, Bacchiocchi Paolo, Bennardo Moreno, Biosa Daniele, Briano Paolo, Cappelli Matteo, Castellini Sergio, Corbascio Andrea Lucio, Crispino Marco, Di Natale Massimo, Fantinato Enrcio, Paglia Roberto, Tisi Giuliano and Vullo Fabrizio.

What are the plans for 2012?

Settle in to this new mod and do well in contests in which we are present. Very important is the presence as official team in ICRWC with the Proton Satria, the car that we will win.

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