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RBRW: Portugal results
RBRW: Portugal results
Tommie Lindberg wins the Portugal Rally, celebrating for the second time, the first place in the podium, in front of Tommi Makinen and Andrea Guidotti, the italian, keeps the first position in RBRW standings championship.

Down the third position Gasperini, lagging behind one minute, then Del Prete, Enrico Fava, Di Grazia, Zorzi and Ferrari.

In the Other class, victori for FGA driver Del Prete, ahead Di Grazia and Mariano caron. In N4 class, only two pilot at the final, with Gentili in front Francioli. In S16 class, Fabio Caron triumph, followed by Davide Selva and Stefano Monti.

The academy trophy, Ricci dominated the class ahead Andrea Canobbio and Noli. The next event in Argentina, April 3.

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