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ICRWC: Indonesia final day
ICRWC: Indonesia final day
Poker for Tommi Makinen and Maury Racing Team. Four races, four victory for the Fly Finn, seems unstoppable in to ICRWC. In second place, Troto at twentynine second in the final race while in third position Daniele Ceron back on the podium after retiring to Madeira.

Good race for Rosset in fourth position, for Arico' and Dalle Molle. Out Fantinato and Sihvola, while among the official car, bad second day for Paganin and Solei by TRS Team, D'Agostino from I Cavernicoli in difficulty throughout the race; Banaudi out at ss 5 with the Skoda Fabia S20.

The next event in Italy, April 12, Alpi Orientali rally.

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