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RBRW: Makinen dance the tango
RBRW: Makinen dance the tango
First and second place for the Maury Racing Team with Makinen and Repo, the two official driver wins the Argentina rally ahead Claudio Gasperini, very good your job in the South American rally.

In fourth position Tommie Lindberg, thanks the result, defent the second position in the RBRW standings. In fifth position Simone Ferrari, than Enrico Fava and Tommaso Zorzi. Engine problem for Andrea Guidotti, who loses the first place in the RBRW championship in favor of Makinen and Lindberg.

Il the other class, Stefanizzi wins the S20 class, ahead Aricò with Proton Satria and Di Grazia. The leaders of s20 RNRW standing in forth position Del Prete, while Rosset in seventh position.

In N4 class Guiducci precedes Pessiva and Solei, out Gentili, while Francioli not started in the Argentina Rally; the new leader of the RBRW class is Germano Pessiva. In S16 class Marco Cantarella wins, ahead Fabio Caron and Stefano Monti. Out Maionchi and Vellini, that "help" Fabio Caron to take the leadeship of the class.

The next event in Greece.

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