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RBRW review: Sveden 2012 story
RBRW review: Sveden 2012 story
The full race review is available in italian language, below, shows the ranking of the Sweden rally with a brief comment.

Official Standings Sweden Rally 2012

1- Lindberg Tommie
2- Repo Kimmo
3- Gasperini Claudio
4- Guidotti Andrea
5- Ferrari Simone
6- Baldi Igor
7- Selva Fabrizio
8- Brisa Roberto
9- Rosset Patrick
10- Del Prete Emanuele

The appointment with the snow in Sweden, eleven stage and six sector with two run in night condition. The rally see Makinen immediately fast in the ss1 but the engine of your Mini wrc11 yields in next stage, leaving the rod at Tommie Lindberg, Kimmo Repo and Claudio Gasperini. The italian driver reaches the head of the race after the super stage eight, Noiker, but the run on first position in the last three stage, they to fall in third final position. The fight on the first position is between Lindberg and Repo; the sedish driver won 66 cents on Repo.

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