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RBRW: Makinen wins the Acropolis rally
RBRW: Makinen wins the Acropolis rally
Eight stage wins in Greece, reward Tommi Makinen for the victory. Only one driver able to stand behind the Finn: Tommie Lindberg; the other very far, with Claudio Gasperini in third position.

Out more pilots, the Acropolis confirm that the race is one of the toughest in the world; Tommaso Zorzi and Igor Baldi out in to ss8, Kimmo Repo in ss6, Fabrizio Selva and Andrea Guidotti, in ss5, Luciano Bordin in ss4 and Simone Ferrari and Simone Zamolo out in ss2.

In the WRC11 class, good fourth position for Enrico Fava, bad job for Paolo Briano, still not competitive with the Mini. In the other class, great victory for Peugeot with Andrea Di Grazia below Paolo Minniti and Simone Piastri all three with 207 s2000. Out of the podium Sommavilla and Valentini with Ford Fiesta. Marcomini and Skoda Fabia close the class in sixth position.

The N4 class seen Lorenzo Micheletto ahead Valter Sparacia and Gabriele Solei, all three with Mitsubishi Lancer evo X. Pessiva in foruth position is the last driver.

In S16 class, the victory is of Alessandro Savini ahead Simone Vellini and Fabio Maionchi. Six second separate Monti from the podium, than Maghetti, Fabio Caron and Barone.

In Academy, Enrico Fantinato wins, ahead Federico Rigolone and Matteo Zanardi. Andrea Canobbio and Raimondo Ricci close the trophy who has seen many retreats.

The next event in New Zealand.

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