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RBR-Real: Mille Miglia Day One
RBR-Real: Mille Miglia Day One
Here we are at Mille Miglia Rally with Richard Burns Foundation. All loads and all ready to take two days to one thousand, our new locations, the program today and tomorrow will be the following:

- Trophy RBR-World with the ability to do it here at the exhibition, or sitting at home on your desk, looking in the rally driver panel Open Time.
The mode of participation in the race ExpoRally is as follows:

Here at the show you can run on our stations, or stations from your home, your panel looking into the rally driver Open Time "Trophy RBR-World". The registration fee for the trophy is 5 € is to come here at the show and at home. At the final prize a monitor 19 inc for first place, the shift lever for the second place and a Jacket "MAK" by Yokohama for third place.

All the money collected during the event will be donated to "La Colonna - Associazione Lesioni Spinali", an Italian association focused onto the dissemination and the promotion of research on spinal cord injuries.

Find us in Service Park!

Find RBR-World!

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