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ICRWC: Asturias
ICRWC: Asturias
The mathematics not enshrines the championship victory, but still if I win seven points in four rally will to graduating ICRWC champion. A cannibal, Tommi Makinen, who knows no other steps of the podium, if not the highest.

To counteract the champion of Maury RT, three pilots, who have tried in every way to keep the trail, but each other, they removed those points to remain attached to the bumper of Makinen: Stefano Fava, Daniele Ceron and Patrick Rosset.

Class N4 uncertain, with the leader must contend with Pandiani others battle-hardened pilots, as Crispino or as Crugnola and Tognon. At the bottom of the group Policardi, victorious in Portugal, but did score two zeros in the standings.

S16 class with La Martina in front of the versilia duo Piantoni and Binelli, while R2 class Francioli in front of Migliorati and Galliano.

Good Rally.

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