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RBRW: New Zealand
RBRW: New Zealand
The situation is: Tommi Makinen and Maury Racing Team in the first position with ninetythree points, ahead Tommie Lindberg and FGA-Corse with thirteen points back. In third and fourth position the duo Versilia Racing Game Team with Claudio Gasperini and Andrea Guidotti, with sixtyfive and fiftyfive points.

Kimmo Repo, the other driver by Maury Racing Team is in fifth posizion, ahead Enrico Fava and Kobra Racing then Igor Baldi and FGA-Corse. In eighth position the firs driver with RallyOne Team: Simone Ferrari, then Emanuele Del Prete. Over the tenth position, Tommaso Zorzi and Korus Rally Team, Andrea Di Grazia and Fabrizio Selva by James Racing Team.

In the other class, starting from S20, Andrea Di Grazia in the leader, ahead Emanuele Del Prete and Patrick Rosset. Out of the podium, Paolo Minniti, Mariano Caron and Davide Stafnizzi. In S16 class, the battle is between the second position. In first position, with ten points advantage is Fabio Caron, ahead Stefano Monti and Fabio Maionchi. In fourth position Simone Vellini and Salvatore La Martina, collapsed in the standings after a great start. In N4 class, Germano pessiva take off in front Roberto Francioli and Gabriele Solei, the latter detached by only one point. Valter Sparacia find the comeback then Massimo Gentili and Lorenzo Micheletto.

The team championship in dominated by Versilia Racing Game team, ahead FGA-Corse and Kobra Racing divided by three points. Over the third position, there is RallyOne below Maury Racing Team and Korus Rally Team. In seventh position James Racing Team, than TRS Rally Team, Cibierre Team, Turbocar Team and Piacenza Rally Team.

The Academy Group is not present for the transfer over Europe. You expect rain, which as always characterize the rally.

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