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Race on-line

Race on-line

  How to sign up to a rally

With RBR-WORLd there are two ways to sing up to a rally: the first one is on the website, you have to click on your name in the upper part of the page and then click on "My profile". Then "Race subscription" and choose your car for the rally you want to take part in. This method it's valid only for those races that present a limitation for the classes you can choose to race in the raly (for example if the rally is only for the k11 class).

For the second way you simply have to open the utility, click on "Race online", select the rally and take your car directly from the mod. Now you can race!

  How to take part in a open time rally?

An open time rally is a race where the normal times of rally mean nothing, i.e. you can enter (if you start you have to finish all the SS or you will be out of the race) and race without taking into account the starting time of the stages and the times to enter/exit in the service parks; anyway it is necessary to pay attention to the roadbook, which will be published at the starting time of the race (you can find it on the calendar in the home page), to choose the right setup and the right tyres that you have to do during the service parks.


  How to take part in a live rally?

A live rally works exactly like a real rally,so we need to respect the input timing of the special stages and the service parks input / output. Normally in a live rally the RoadBook is exposed, for all, at 21:00 (Italian time) and start, for everyone, at 21:15. Then, having to meet times as in real rally, you will have a minute to start the stage to not get the penalty.Example:
-Exposure road book hours 21:00:00
-Departure first stage 21:15:00
-Time limit for entering first stage 21:15:59
Beyond this time limit as in a real rally, it will begin to pay penalties in minutes charged on the total of the race. A tip is to not rush to click to enter the stage, but wait a few seconds (we have 59 seconds available);pay attention also to not have too much hurry and enter the stage before 21:15:00 since, as in a real competition, you can still get a penalty imposed in minutes.Same thing, of course, for all the timed sections of the road book, including even the service parks (which also have to respect an exit zone, which usually coincides with the time of entry to the next stage).To facilitate the task of keeping under control the input timing of stages and input / output of service parks there is, in the main page of the rally, a stopwatch which is in countdown mode and in the minutes before the entry time is red. This becomes green in the minute when the stage start, after which, past the minute, stopwatch remains progressive, but returns to be red.SUMMARIZE:
1. Check on the calendar of the Home the departure time of the rally, and, very important, subscribe in the site when the race had limitations for car or classes, because in this case once the road book is exposed we will not have the opportunity to enter the race. So it's always best to check the calendar a few days before the start (for these particular rally, if we do not sign up, you do not see them in the list of races in the mod page ONLINE RACES)
2. From the main page of the mod select RACES ONLINE and we get to the page with the list of rallies in which we can participate. Then we select the game that interests us (photo 1)
3. After selecting class and car we reach the first important page of a live race, the road-book page, where we can load the car set, select the tires depending on the type of fund, set up and turn on the lights, control entry list etc. etc. But above all to control the schedule of special stages, the assistance and the stepwatch (photo 2)
4. By now, to prepare for the race, we have 15 minutes in which we will upload the set, we mount the appropriate tires to the bottom of the special stages, we mount and we will light the lights in the event of night stages and keep under control the clock waiting for the green to get into the stage (photo 2/5)
5. Green Stopwatch now we have 59 "to press GO (I recommend not to hurry and wait A few seconds) (photo 3)
6. Be careful because if you make a mistake you will pay a penalty (photo 4) in this case we have breached the 59 "and entered in the stage the following minute, so we have the red stopwatch and no longer in countdown mode

foto 5

foto 4

foto 3

foto 2

foto 1

  When the connection fails

If it occours during a race, approximately every 3 minutes, don't worry, you will finish it easily.

Even if your connection usually works properly, you should keep in mind a few things: once the race is over and you're back to the utility section, don't forget to check if your timing has been ranked, especially in the overall ranking, thus making sure that not only has it been uploaded on the server but also added to your overall timing. You can do this by clicking on Upload Time, which is to the right of the ranking. If after clicking on Upload Time the ranking page does show, your connection is back.
If it doesn't, you can minimize the utility section and take care of the problem, we're sure you know how to deal with your internet connection when it fails.

At this point you can go back to the utility section and click again on Upload Time and then Refresh, if both the clicks make the ranking page load then, and only then, you can start the next special stage.

You should pay attention to this procedure especially during the service park. It's important to verify that, once you clicked on check time, the ranking page loads and shows your time on the left column but ESPECIALLY on the right one. To make sure this happens you should click several times on Upload Time and Resfresh. Once you're sure that the server has received and elaborated your “Stamp” at the service park then, and only then, you can start the next special stage.

The only thing you mustn't do is going on with the race without making sure that the server has received and ranked in the overall ranking your previous timing.

Good Luck!