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Install the Utility

Install the Utility

  Proper Utility installation

Abstract: let's assume that you've already installed the original game Richard Burns Rally on your PC

Before you start driving, it's better to turn off the UAC to avoid annoying problems in the future .. It is not essential, but recommended!

What is the UAC (User Account Control)?
In short, the User Account Control allows you to prevent unauthorized changes to your computer. A notification appears when are going to be changes made to your computer that require authorization of the administrator.

Why turn it off?
The utility needs full editing access to files and folders of the game, the UAC blocks this access.

"The UAC OFF."

To open the User Account Control settings, click the Start button and click Control Panel. In the search box, type UAC, and then click Change User Account Control settings.

To disable UAC, move the slider to the "never notify" position, and then click OK. If you're prompted for an administrator password or confirmation. So that UAC is disabled, you must restart your computer.

Windows Vista:                                                                                                                                              To open User Accounts, click Start, click Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety (or User Account if you are connected to a network domain), and then click User Accounts.

Click Turn User Account Control on or off. If you are prompted for an administrator password or confirmation, type the password or provide confirmation.

Select the check box to protect your computer, use the user account control to activate the UAC, or clear the check box to disable it, and then click OK.

"After that, we can start!"

-Create the MULLIGATAWNY profile in the game "STARTING THE GAME ORIGINAL FROM ADMINISTRATOR" (WARNING: If you have already created in the past this profile but you are unsure to have it created by administrator council to cancel, exit the game, click on the icon of Richard Burns Rally and right-click "Run as administrator", open the game creates mulligatawny. Quit game).

-Search the original game directory "SciGames", click the right mouse on the folder "SciGames," from the drop down menu click "Properties", the window of the Properties uncheck the read-only permissions and click Apply.

-If you have an old version Utility RBR-World, proceed to uninstall, or to the next step "INSTALLATION UTILITY".


-First download the file to install from the DOWNLOADS section of our website downloads.php (For convenience, I suggest you download it to your desktop).

-Click with the right mouse on the File Utility, from the drop down menu, click on Run as administrator, advise you to install the utility in a directory other than the game, for example, if the game is in "C: \ Program Files (x86) "then the utility could install it in" C: \ "

-Go on with the installation

-To finish the installation uncheck "Launch RBR-World" before clicking "Finish."



-Click with the right mouse on the Icon Utility RBR-World just installed and click "Run as administrator" to launch it.

-Effettua from the LOGIN button at the top right by inserting in the "Username" and "Password" your nick and the Forum registration password. Click save, the system will load your data (race number, nationality etc.), messages "RBR-World - Update Tracks" and "RBR-World - Update Cars" Click OK, and finally click Exit.



-Change to your personal preferences and according to your PC's ability, Audio Channels (Channel Number), the resolution of the screen (Screen Resolution) to be the same as your Desktop, and the Resolution (Resolution Depth). Click Save Setting.

-Now you must download / update the files essential for the operation of the game, click Update System.

-From the screen click on the various buttons to download everything. And 'it recommended to start from "Download Essentials".


By "PeppeFR"