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How to install skins on RBR-WORLd

How to install skins on RBR-WORLd

  Skins with DDS files

Any car registered in the utility mounts a default livery same for everyone, you can create a complety new one or downloading a ready one directly from web. Generally, the skin looks like a compressed folder containing the different files needed to display it properly it covers: glazing, body, circles etc ...

Unpack the folder by clicking the right button on the file and in the menu that pops up click on extract here or alternatively extract files .... (It will create a folder that contains the files needed), therefore we will find a series of files named:

Where "carname" is the formal name given by the self-game to the car we want to change livery, it is understood that in some cases there are cars that have even less files than reported the example files.

Now using the Windows resources we position the folder where the game RBR and the RBR-WORLD utility have installed all the available cars, specifically the folder is called CARS, which should be positioned according to the following location
......: \ SCi Games \ Richard Burns Rally \ Cars \

At this point we move inside the car called TEXTURES folder of your choice that'll find it here .......: \ SCi Games \ Richard Burns Rally \ Cars \ nomeauto \ textures

Inside the TEXTURES folder above, we paste the files that we initially unpacked which will overwrite what is already installed by default, opening the utility we will have our car with the colors chosen.

In case you do not want to overwrite the livery already installed by default, but add an additional livery to the existing one, you will have:

- Open the utility and go to the test areas.
- Choose the car on which to install the livery.
- Click on the upper right car (Photo 1).

This will open a window called "Skin selector" (Photo 2)

Click on New Skin button to create a copy of the default skin to which you will assign a new name.

Then simply choose a name for the new skin and click on the Create button. (Photo 3)
This will create a clone of the default skin that will allow us to copy the new livery files and overwrite them without delete existing ones.
In the utility there will be two available skins and the user can choose them from time to time to your liking.

Foto 3

  Skins with WSK files

Any car registered utility mounts a default livery same for everyone,you can create a new one by yourself or downloading a ready one directly from web. In some cases, the skin is presented as a compressed folder with extension WSK, which contains the various files needed to display it properly. It includes: glazing, body, etc ...

The process is extremely easy

1) Open the utility

2) Go to TEST ZONE
3) Choose the car on which to install the livery (see point 1 Photo 1)

4) Double-click on the image of the car at the top right (see point 2 Photo 1). It will open the window titled "Skin selector"

5) Click the button INSTALL (see Photo 2)

6) Allows choosing browsing the folders on your PC, the file * .wks and confirm loading

7) Automatically the new skin is installed on the car chosen.